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Honest and On Time
“They did a great job. Everything looks so much nicer. They were very honest with their work and didn’t try to make me buy something I didn’t need. They came when they said they would and came on time.”

~ L.C. Portland, OR

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make any preparations for my roof replacement?

Preparations will be needed. Here are some things that are helpful to get your roof ready: Removing any potted plants, patio furniture, make sure your pets are inside in case of falling debris, move your vehicles and inform any relevant neighbors who live close by.

Do you roof in the rain?

We certainly do roof in the rain. We are very used to working in the rain and rarely have to make adjustments to our daily schedule for rain. On the rare occasions, if the rain is really excessive, we may have our crews quit early or hold off a bit till the rain lightens up. But these are very unusual circumstances. We are well prepared to work in the rain and know how to protect your house from the rain while we are working on it.

I've never had a roof replaced before. Do you put new roof on top of the old roof or do you start from scratch?

The condition that your existing roof is in will determine whether or not we tear off your old roof or put new material on top of the existing roof. That is something that will be determined when we inspect your roof and give you the estimate.

I'm worried my roof may have some dry rot.

We inspect every roof for dry rot. If we find any dry rot, we discuss what we have found with you and then take care of any effected wood. We bill for rot replacement & additional carpentry at $65.00 per man hour plus materials. We are well equipped to handle any dry rot that needs to be replaced.

Will my roof ever be exposed to rain overnight?

We do not leave any incomplete roof exposed overnight. We will tear your roof off in segments that allow us to have time to complete what is needed on each section before the end of the day. Once plywood and felt under-layment are on, the roof is waterproof.

My roof vents weren't installed correctly. Can you fix that?

We can easily fix roof vents. Improper installation is a very common problem in older homes and we are very familiar with how to install or reinstall them correctly.

Do you clean up the job site afterwards?

We thoroughly clean up after every roofing job is complete. We clean debris from the exterior of your home & gutters everyday, use a very strong magnet to clean up stray nails from lawns, walkways and driveways once the job is complete and then haul away all the roofing debris.

Do you have any references?

We can put you in touch with some references if you like. We also have an extensive photo gallery & testimonials, as well as a list of houses we have completed that you are more than welcome to drive by. We also have an excellent rating on Angie’s List.

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