With Tom Leach Roofing you’ll not only get a job that’s done exactly the way you want it, but you’ll get a price that’s fair and competitive.


We specialize in roofing. Our expertise has earned us a reputation for craftsmanship and extra attention to detail.


We have been in the roofing business a long time and we’re professionals. This means we stand behind our work, whether it’s a new roof or simply a roof repair. Whether you need us next week, 5 years from now, or even in 10 years, we will be here!


Cleaned Up Every Speck

“We wanted to tell you how pleased we were with your crew during our roof replacement. Daniel, Juan, Mario and the other staff treated us with the utmost respect, provided timely and clear communication, cleaned up every speck of dust every day and performed their jobs in a skilled and knowledgable manner.

“We were so happy to see the harnesses and ropes, unlike when the house behind us was re-roofed. And when the guys wanted to park the truck in our driveway and we were hesitant about it’s capability to withstand the weight, they quickly came up with another proposal. They were friendly with neighbors and friends and quietly worked every single minute.

“Thank you. We are very happy customers.”
~ JS & SW

Jorge was Awesome!!

“Jorge was awesome!! He arrived on time, completed the job in just over 1/2 of the estimated repair time. He showed me the old vent and why it leaked. He was very professional and very friendly. I will definitely use Tom Leach Roofing in the future.

In addition, Jorge climbed up on the roof to look at the vent.  While the other 4 roofers we called never climbed up to look at the vent before giving an estimate. One sent an estimate via email without even looking at the vent! The other 4 estimates were almost double what we pay Ton Leach Roofing! Very Highly Recommend! ”

~J.A. Milwaukie, OR

Prompt and Professional

“I was very pleased to have chosen Tom Leach Roofing and would strongly endorse them for anyone considering this type of home repair/project. Aaron was prompt, professional, and provided a quote the day of our appointment. His work crew showed up exactly on time and were done at the end of the working day.
“When I came home from work you couldn’t tell that they had even been there. Our project took two days; they did the tear-off on one day and the install on the second.”
~C.W. Portland, OR

Skylight and Sun Tunnel Installation in Portland, OR

Professional Skylight installtions by Tom Leach RoofingPortland weather is often dreary and cloudy, with plenty of rain and little sunshine. This means that many of us depend upon artificial light to keep our homes bright and cheery throughout spring, fall, and winter. These lights drive electric prices up and don’t provide the same health benefits as exposure to sunshine.

Fortunately, skylights and sun tunnels can be retrofitted in most Portland homes, bringing more natural light where your home needs it most. Skylights and sun tunnels are eco-friendly and energy-efficient, drawing in the sun’s rays and making your home’s interior shine.

Tom Leach Roofing is your expert installer of skylights and sun tunnels here in Portland. Contact us today for a free estimate!

What Are Skylights?

Portland skylights by Tom Leach RoofingA skylight is a rectangular window set into your roof, allowing natural sunlight to stream into your home. Skylights are typically installed in larger spaces, such as living rooms, dens, bedrooms and dining areas. They are a great way to bring in more daylight and naturally ventilate your home.

While not all skylights offer ventilating options, those that do typically open outward at the bottom, while others vent through a small, hinged panel. Skylights can be operated via electric motors, or manually with a pole, chain, or crank. Some models incorporate moisture sensors to automatically close when it rains.

Here at Tom Leach Roofing, we install VELUX skylights exclusively. This high-quality brand offers a complete system of complementary products and accessories for any skylight solution – from the installation right down to the finishing touches. We have a variety of products and options to fit your home design, lifestyle, and desired budget.

What Are Sun Tunnels?

roofers Portland Oregon high quality roofing companyA sun tunnel is a reflective tube that channels sunlight down into your home. Sun tunnels are a great option for smaller, windowless spaces such as hallways and bathrooms – or for homes with attics that would prohibit the placement of a skylight.

Installing a sun tunnel is a cost-effective way to add natural light to a Portland home. Their low-profile design creates a sleek appearance on any roofline, and their pre-fabricated light tunnel makes them quick and easy to install. They can be installed on a pitched roof or on a flat roof extension to allow daylight to flood the rooms where it’s needed most.

VELUX offers two types of sun tunnels.

The first is a flexible tunnel, which is recommended when the installation will require navigating around obstacles. This product offers a lot of maneuverability and flexibility of the tunnel material, which usually makes the install process rapid and simple.

The second option, a rigid tunnel, is recommended when there is a straight, unobstructed path from the roof to the ceiling. This tunnel typically reflects more sunlight, bringing a brighter white light into the home.

Let Us Brighten Up Your Home!

Portland roofing contractors restoration of historical home roofsTom Leach Roofing is proud to serve homeowners in the Portland metro area. If you are ready to add more natural light to your home, we hope you’ll call our friendly and knowledgeable team to schedule a free estimate.

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