When most people think “green roof” they imagine a garden on their rooftop or even a Hobbit-esque house. Installing a plant-friendly environment on your roof is just one way to “go green.” We have some additional tips here for you to create a greener roof:Metal roofing with chimney

1. Change up your roofing material. Materials like tile or metal can turn your roof into a cool roof by creating great insulation and limiting their contribution to the greenhouse effect. There are other green materials like pavers, but these can add a huge weight load to your roof which may not be feasible or desirable.

2. Ask if the roofer is using green or recycled materials. Anything from the roof membrane to the shingles or shakes can be produced in a green fashion or they can be manufactured with recycled materials.

3. Make sure your attic is properly ventilated. Since heat rises, your attic is collecting heat all year round. When it is not properly ventilated, moisture and heat can build up and cause problems.

4. Keep your roof and gutters clean. This will protect your roof from water damage and enable all of the built-in green functions to work properly. For example, some roofs have a “radiant barrier” installed. This keeps your roof from absorbing too much heat and works to insulate your home from extreme temperature changes. Keeping your roof clear will allow this barrier to work properly and keep your carbon footprint down.

5. Make sure your roof and attic are well-insulated. Protecting your home from temperature changes will keep you from needing to make drastic changes to your environmental control system and save energy costs.

Green roofing is a great way to save money on energy costs and help out the environment. When you next need to re-roof your home, be sure to find out what green options are available for you.

Tom Leach Roofing