When You Are In Need of Leaky Roof Repair

Having a leaking roof can be quite frustrating. There are many potential causes, and to add to the frustration the problem needs to get fixed or it could become worse and get more costly. If you’ve got a leak that leaves you scratching your head, consider these ten potential causes as we work on figuring this problem out together.

Broken or Missing Shingles

For composite roofs, broken and or missing shingles can happen for several reasons. It’s definitely more common for older roofs, especially if they haven’t been cleaned or maintained in a while. The area you live is a factor as well. Wind and rain over time can damage and even remove the shingles. In this case you can visually check to see if any are missing. If looking from a difference sometimes it helps to look for off shades or different hued patches.


Holes in a roof could be the result of nature or an installation. This could be the result of large objects falling and landing on the roof, typically large tree branches. If any equipment was installed on the roof such as a satellite, this can leave holes where bolts were installed or cable was wired through.

Flashing Damage

Flashing is thin strips of metal used to seal roof transitions underneath the shingles to create a water resistant barrier. These could slip out of place under the right circumstances. Over the time the caulking could dry and crack over time as well.

Aging Roof

This cause might be a little more obvious, as over time roofing material can weaken. Roofs protect us from the elements of weather, but they also take a beating over time. Wind, rain and sun over time wear away at the roof. This gradual deterioration can water seeping through worn away areas.

Clogged Gutters

Clogged gutters won’t necessarily cause a roof leak, but it does make a potential leak more likely to occur. Gutters can get clogged when leaves, pine needles, branches and other debris fall and accumulate. When this debris is not regularly cleaned out, it can slow or even stop the flow of water, allowing it to pool at the edges of your roof.


If you have a skylight that is causing the leak, usually it is fairly easy to identify. There are several causes as to why the skylight would be leaking, but most commonly it is a result of improper installation or measurement. Another compelling reason to get an experienced professional for any of your roofing needs.


This is another entry point for water, and if there is a leak caused by your chimney, this too is fairly easy to identify. Even the smallest cracks or holes in your chimney can be an entry point for water to seep through. In certain cases water could even pool at the base of the chimney.

Roof Vents

Vents on your roof are another potential entry point. Plastic roof vents could crack over time. Gaskets around pipe vents can crack or develop gaps. These instances would require a close up visual inspection.

Soffit or Fascia Damage

The soffit, the underside of an eave, arch or balcony, can develop wear and tear. In addition small animals like birds and squirrels can find holes and make them worse by working away at the material or by building their own homes there. These parts of the house can be another potential moisture entry point.

A roof leak is a major inconvenience that can cause a significant amount of damage to your home. Roof leaks can cause structural damage to your house, including damage to your attic, ceiling and walls. Roof leaks can even create health and safety problems for your family. Water intrusion can cause mold and mildew to spread throughout your home. Additionally, if water finds its way to electrical wiring, a leak could become a dangerous fire hazard. For these reasons and more, it is extremely important to repair roof leaks as quickly as possible. If you are in need of an inspection or roof repair, contact us!

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