Roof repairs and maintenance are often cheaper than getting a whole new roof, but there will likely come a time during your home ownership that you will need to replace that ultimate barrier between your possessions and the outside world – your roof.  Here are three signs that another patch-up job may not do the trick: Damaged roof

1. Your roof warranty has expired.  A typical asphalt shingle roof is expected to last about 20-25 years.  Metal roofing or tile roofs will last longer.  If you are concerned about how much longer your roof has to go, check out the original warranty and see if your time has run out.

2. You have dry rot or termite damage in your home.  Unfortunately, when the wood of your home is infected with dry rot or is infested with termites, the wood supporting your roof may need to be replaced.  The signs that you might have dry rot in in a previous article here.

3. You have a leak, can see sunlight from inside your attic – or there is moisture in your attic insulation.  This does not automatically mean your entire roof needs to be replaced, but replacement may be needed depending on the extent of the damage.  Be sure to call your local roofer and schedule a free estimate as soon as you see this type of damage.Roof repairs

Your roof may be able to be repaired or may require a full replacement depending on the extent of the damage and roof age.  Be sure to get a free estimate from your local roofer to find out what is best for your home.  If you are in the Portland metro area, you can call us at (503) 238-0303.

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