Natural light is preferable in any home to energy-sucking incandescent lighting.  Not only does adding extra sources of natural light into the home help your wallet stay full, it also feels and looks great – especially when you’re gearing up for summertime. Velux-Sun-Tunnel-2

This is why installing a skylight or a sun tunnel can really make the difference in your home.  Sun tunnels are an easy-to-install option for many homes.  The basic idea is that a tubular skylight is installed which carries sunlight down a shaft and into your home.  It’s like an extended window that directs sunlight to the exact spot you need it most.  Here are five benefits of installing a sun tunnel into your home:

1. Many sun tunnels can provide more light than your average 100w light bulb – even on a cloudy day.

2. A flexible sun tunnel can be installed to capture light and bring it to a shady section of the home.

3. Sun tunnel installation is often an easy and affordable process.

4. You can save money on energy costs by getting sun tunnels installed in advantageous areas.

5. A sun tunnel can bring natural light to a space which doesn’t have access to an outside-facing wall like a walk-in closet, den or bathroom.

Overall, sun tunnels are a really great option to help make a home feel light and airy – without installing more windows or adding to your electricity bill.

Tom Leach Roofing