You spend plenty of time at home – at least seven hours every day, if not much, much more time.  So, how do you keep your home a healthy place to live?  Here are five tips to keep your home healthy and safe:

1. Keep your home well ventilatedAttic ladder

Poorly ventilated homes can cause excess humidity and moisture to build up in your home – leading to health hazards like mold.  A way to prevent this is to ensure you have the proper ventilation systems set up, that your home is aired on occasion, and that your attic especially has proper ventilation.

2. Ensure all your alert systems are in place

Systems like smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can save lives.  Make sure you have your early warning systems in place.  Additionally, it can be a smart idea to plan for any possible situation in advance.  This way, in the event that a hazardous situation occurs, you know what to do.

3. Keep your home pest freeboring beetle

Pests can come in the form of ants, roaches, rats, etc on the inside of your home, or termites, boring beetles, and more on the outside of your home.  Interior pests are best prevented by keeping your home clean and by utilizing the proper tool to kill the pest before they breed and become a real problem.  Exterior pests can be prevented by visual inspections every six months or so by you or by a professional.  If you become concerned about possible dry rot, termite intrusion, or other outdoor pest harming your home, get it fixed immediately.

4. Clean your home

Now is the traditional time to give your home a thorough cleaning.  Get into the spirit and start your spring cleaning.  Cleaning your home gets rid of things that attract bugs, as well as lets you see any issues that could have been covered up by dirt, kludge, and more.

5. Keep your home well-maintained

A poorly maintained home can make small problems turn into big ones just due to neglect.  Additionally, things like air filters, water filters, roof shingles, washer/dryer units, and more have manufacturer’s instructions which need to be followed to keep those parts of your home working for you properly.

Let’s have a healthy home!


Tom Leach Roofing