If you need a new roof, it’s important to decide what types of materials to use.  Here are six great materials to consider when putting on your new roof:SONY DSC

#1. Metal Roofing.  We have discussed this type of roofing in previous articles, but there’s a reason why this is a number one pick for roof materials.  Some of the benefits of metal roofing are that it is considered a green material and it is often warrantied for anywhere between 45 years and a lifetime.  Additionally, there are a variety of metal roofing types now available, so you aren’t stuck with metal sheeting.

#2. Fiber Cement Tile.  This type of tile looks like wood, has a natural feel, and usually comes with a 10 year to 50 year warranty.Asphalt Shingles

#3.  Asphalt Shingles.  This is the most common type of roofing – you see it all over the place.  In fact, over 75% of American roofs have asphalt shingles.  They have a lower cost initially, but they don’t last quite as long as more durable material.  They usually are warrantied for about 10-30 years.

#4. Wood Shingles/Shakes. The wood used can vary – cedar being the most expensive and pine often being least expensive.  This is because cedar is more naturally suited to shed water and work for outdoor use.  Usually wood shingles/shakes last about 30-50 years, depending on the type of wood used.Shakes

#5. Slate.  This is another type of environmentally friendly roofing which will last a very long time.  It can be warrantied for 50-100 years.

#6. Clay Tile.  Clay tile come in a variety of colors and often last for 50 or more years.

All in all, you have a huge variety of materials to choose from when you decide to change up your roof.

Tom Leach Roofing