While there are many types of green roofing and green roofs, we wanted to look at some really gorgeous homes that had the opportunity to work in a green roof to its design and structure.  Here are seven beautiful homes which feature a green roof:

#1. The Cliff Dwellings in Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado.  This is an entire community which used green methods for construction.  From around 600-1300 AD, individuals living in this area built beneath the arch of an overhanging cliff.  These ancient homes are a dramatic example of the use of natural surroundings to create a home that melds in seamlessly with the environment.  Not only are these homes composed of stone, their roof is probably the most natural one you can get.

Cliff dwellings

#2. Earthships.  This is a structure pioneered by architect Michael Reynolds.  The original home in Taos, New Mexico was created using items like bottles and tires to build the home.  He also installed management systems for water, heat, electricity, and more without the need for municipalities or cities.  The end result was a nice looking and green home.


#3. Wave House.  A green roofed home built near Reims, France, the home is designed to appear as if the land grew a home beneath it.  The roof is a wave-like structure that boasts similar vegetation to the surrounding area.

Wave house

#4. Farming Kindergarten.  This school in southeastern Vietnam was created to teach kindergarten aged children the value of conservation, where their food comes from, as well as creating a sustainable space for them to learn in.  Not only does the structure have an accessible green roof, but it has energy-saving interactive features that kids can play with to learn why they should care about the environment.


#5. Edgeland House.  This home is designed in a triangular pattern and was covered by a thick layer of sod.  Because of this green roof, the house is efficient and can stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.  The home designer – Bercy Chen Studio – also added high-tech features like geothermal heat exchange and hydronic heating.


#6. Moena, Italy’s carlot/bridge solution.  This one isn’t a home – and it’s not even built yet, but it’s just too cool not to talk about.  According to the online magazine inhabitat.com, Moean Italy needed a new parking lot and a new bridge for their popular tourist destination, Longea.  They did not want to impact the landscape, views, or town while construction went on, so two designers – Angelo Salamone and Rossella Di Bari proposed a structure which consists of a parking lot/bridge, below which is a natural amphitheater for concerts and gatherings.  The space also provides facilities for visitors, bicyclists, and hikers.  Not only would the bridge provide fantastic views, it would be covered in part by a green roof.  Here’s the rendering:


#7. Sauvie Island, OR.  Right here in the Pacific Northwest there are a ton of great, green homes.  Just one is this home on Sauvie Island.  It features many environmentally friendly aspects, like its green roof, and reclaimed wood exterior.

Sauvie Island

Green home construction doesn’t have to be complicated – and green roofs don’t always have to consist of greenery on roofs.  These examples show that there are a wide variety of materials to use and ways to use them out there.

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