We all want to help the environment – and one way we can do that is by going green within our own homes.  While a “green roof” with plants growing on it may not fit with your lifestyle, there are other green materials used in roofing.  Here are some facts that can help you decide if you should go green: Moss Plants on Roof

1. Installing a green roof can help you cut down on power bills during the summer, as materials like metal roofing can keep your home cooler.

2. There are actually a lot of green roofing materials – not just plants.  These include metal roofing, tile, pavers, specialized coating, and more.

3. The simple act of using a lighter-colored roofing material can make your roof greener.

4. Installing a living roof is a very heavy activity.  You have to be sure your whole home can support the extra weight of soil, plants, and water.

5. The usual warranty period for alternative green roofing (like tile or metal) is often a lot longer than just an asphalt roof.

6. While a living roof or tile roof is very heavy, a metal roof is actually much lighter than those options.

7. If a whole roof change is too much for you, another green option is a tubular skylight.  This offers additional lighting in your home and might get you a tax credit.

8. A living roof can significantly reduce stormwater run off.

Green roofing is an important and effective option in helping improve the environment.  Here’s hoping we can all do our part in helping the environment this year.

Tom Leach Roofing