The Portland Roofing Way

What does a typical day look like for a roofer in Portland, OR?

Hot summer days. Summer days can be long and hot. When working on roof tops it is important for roofers to stay properly hydrated. Staying on top of roofs for hours can be dangerous if proper preparation is not made. Bringing a supply of water and wearing clothing that will protect the roofer but also allow for some cooling and ventilation can be a challenge. Experienced roofers will normally have routines and habits in place to be prepared for the challenges of working on a roof on hot sunny days.

Rainy, wet weather. Rain can present a problem to working on roofs, but you might be surprised to know that it doesn’t always halt work. Heavy rainfall might definitely delay the process, but light rain and intermittent light rain might not be too much of an obstacle. Portland has seasons when some rain isn’t uncommon on a daily or weekly basis, and this certainly can’t stop roofers from working. Normal rainfall in Portland generally can still be worked in, but it is important that roofers take care and make any necessary preparations to stay safe. Have the proper harness equipment and good, reliable non-slip shoes will definitely help.

The Professional Roofer’s Craftsmanship

Repairing roofs and installing new roofs is hard work and comes with its set of dangers and challenges. At the end of a long day, a professional roofer takes pride in his / her work and is rewarded with the satisfaction of a job well done. This means hours of laying foundation, hammering, stapling, placing shingles or tiles just right and aligning everything perfectly. A roofer knows the importance of having a quality roof to protect the house and inhabitants. For this reason they enjoy getting to help homeowners and business owners and creating a high quality work they can claim as their own. It’s the skills and the pride of the craftsman.

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