Now that summer is really here, it’s time to make your home feel summery.  But, short of a remodel every season, how can you accomplish this?  Here are some ideas – big and small – that can make your home feel more airy and ready for summer:

Install a skylight.  Skylights brighten up spaces in an unobtrusive, yet Skylightsignificant way.  They can make a small, dark room feel larger and more open.  They can also add in natural light to a bathroom or kitchen with small or nonexistent windows.

Freshen up with cut flowers.  One of the easiest ways to brighten up your home this summertime is to set vases of bright, seasonal flowers around your home.  These may range from wildflowers to peonies to roses.

Add a pop of color.  You can use paint, throw rugs, curtains or a painting to add a little color to a room.

Install a sun room.  This might be a big step, and many cheat be enclosing conservatorytheir porch, but a sun room can make you feel like enjoying the outdoors – even on dreary days.

Bring your herb garden indoors. Small pots of herbs like mint, basil, and thyme and brighten up a room – not to mention make it smell delicious.

Go green.  Find out about metal roofing or green roofs and see if they would work for your home.  While this may not brighten the interior of your home, it can give the exterior a stunning, unique look.

Overall, you can make big changes and small changes to your home to make it feel summery.  Here’s hoping your home brightens your summer this year!

Tom Leach Roofing