Most homeowners, or potential homeowners have that ideal home in their minds.  Portland is filled with places which could become an inspiration for the perfect home.   But, how do you take the home you have and make it into that “perfect home” which resides only  in your head?  Here are some ideas.

Location, Location, Location

Maybe your “perfect home” is on the edge of a forest, or has a live tree growing inside, or maybe it’s in the center of things.  Think about ways you can create that feel, even if it’s not reality.  For example, you could plant trees and large hedges, or create a mini hedge maze in your back yard to get that forest-y feel.  Or you could throw a block party and make your quiet suburb the center of everything.

Get the exterior looking greatCottage with thatched roof

You might have some creative ideas for the exterior of your home.  Well, if you bought the place it’s likely you have the ability to make the exterior fit portions of that ideal home in your mind.  If you want weathered wood siding, you can get that installed.  You can install a green roof, or get the perfect color shingles, or do something crazy like get a model spaceship installed in your roof (yes, someone really did that).

Fit your interior with your plan

Your perfect interior may include vaulted ceilings and ballrooms.  This may not be feasible with your home.  But what may work is installing a skylight to get that vaulted feel and add extra light to your home.  Or you can  replace the carpets with wood flooring.

Another thing to think about are those little details that make your home yours.  For example, perhaps you can’t live in a farmhouse just yet, but you could add a weathercock to your roof.  Or maybe you can’t afford an old Victorian, but you can add glass door knobs and Victorian furniture.

Garden like you have the place of your dreams

You can always grow the flowers and kitchen garden you always dreamed of.  Even if you have a tiny lot, you can have mini fruit trees, or various potted plants throughout the yard and the house to give it the proper feel, and allow you to grow the plants you love.

So, what does your dream house look like?  Let us know here or on our Facebook page.  Or… if we can help bring it to reality, contact us today.

Tom Leach Roofing