There are many different choices when it comes to types of roofs.  Here’s a list:

– Composition: This is generally an asphalt shingle roof.  Various types of shingles have different lengths of warranties.  It’s always a good idea to find out what shingles your roofer offers and the warranty on each type.

– Metal: Metal roofing is a great way to go green as the roof itself often lasts longer than a standard composition roof.  You should still get your roof looked at every couple of years by your roofer, just to ensure heavy winds or extreme conditions haven’t harmed your roof at all.

– Shakes: These are wooden shingles which can add some really nice character to your roof.  Shakes are often more expensive than regular shingles, but they can really add to the character of the home.

– Green: This is a new trend to America, but not new to Europe.  The general idea is to improve the normal asphalt-scape of the standard US city and improve it by adding greenery to your roof.  There are different types of green roof, some are full rooftop gardens which needs maintenance, watering, and general plant care.  There are also green roofs which are planted with native, hardy plants who can withstand irregular maintenance.

– Flat: You often see flat rooftops on office buildings, and Spanish-style homes.  While flat roofs have to withstand harsher beatings than slanted, if you use durable materials, maintain your roof, and ensure it’s flashing correctly, your flat rooftop can last a decent period of time and can add a certain look to your yard. 

– Membrane:  This is a roofing system used on flat or slightly sloped roofs. This is a newer system which is virtually seamless and performs really well when it comes to heavy weather conditions.

– Thatch: This is a roof made of plant material.  This is a pretty fascinating roof which is made of a plant material which is naturally waterproof and, when the material is packed tightly together and the thatch is installed correctly, a thatch roof is just as waterproof as your regular roof.

Here’s hoping whichever roof you choose, it keeps the rain off your head this winter.

Tom Leach Roofing