There are a lot of spooky things about this time of year. There are ghost stories, haunted houses, and all sorts of spooky costumes. One place you should feel comfortable, however, is your own home. Some homes can be considered more spooky than others, and homes with history are the first to seem haunted. Here are five ways to keep your historic Portland home form becoming spooky:Victorian Home

1. Get the plumbing and wiring updated. Flickering lights and groans from inside the walls are the hallmarks of a haunted house. Get your home updated in the places you cannot see, like your plumbing pipes, wiring, and ducts.

2. Ensure your home is properly insulated. Older homes can have unexplained chills due to poor insulation. Be sure your whole home is insulated.  Additionally, we are coming into chillier months. If you have any external pipes or plumbing, make sure those are protected from freezing temperatures.

3. Get your roof and exterior checked for damage. Unexplained leaks or phosphorescence may be due to a leak. Get your home checked for cracks in your walls, a damaged roof, or problems in the brickwork.

4. Research your historic home and restore it. There’s no need for your home too feel shadowy and old. There are a lot of small things you can do to restore a historic home. You can replace door knobs, shingles, siding, paint colors, and more with replicas or originals.

5.  Keep a record of inspections and home maintenance. Historic homes may need a little more upkeep than a modern house to keep those bumps and groans from returning. Be sure to keep a schedule of repairs completed and maintenance inspections needed so your home stays just right.

No matter what time of year it is, your home doesn’t need to feel haunted.  Keep it properly maintained and it can be the home of your dreams.

Tom Leach Roofing