While Spring isn’t here just yet – it will be in just a week!  The weather appears to have caught up with the time of year and we’re all looking at getting the house ready for a new season.  Here are eight great spring cleaning ideas: Spring Cleaning

1. Clean your windows – inside and out.  It can be tough to get all windows on all floors, but taking the time to clean everything which lets light in – including skylights – your home will be that much brighter.

2. Organize your closets. It’s pretty normal to organize your closet and put away heavier winter clothing, but what about the linen closet?  How about the nooks and crannies you have been using to store things?  Take the time to go through your home and get rid of anything you don’t need or want.  You may also discover old treasures which you can display or enjoy.

3. Get rid of stains and odors. It’s easy to forget to clean out the fridge, pantry and cupboards – especially over winter when you don’t want extra cold air getting into your home.  Now that it’s Spring, get into those places and give them a thorough cleaning.

Additionally, there may be stains on window sills, carpets, door frames, on your home’s siding or roof.  Find out how to get rid of those stains or replace the stained area with something fresh and new.

4. Get into the nooks and crannies.  It’s fairly standard to get your gutters, chimney, ducts, and carpets cleaned, but how about your sliding door tracks?  When is the last time you dusted the baseboards?  Try getting into all the nooks and crannies of your home.  A really deep clean will make your home sparkle.

5. Update or clean your window treatments. Changing out your curtains for bright, springtime colors or just cleaning your blinds can add light and buoyancy to your home.

6. Open up the windows. It’s time to air out the house!  We’ve all been cooped up with snow and rain coming down.  It’s time to let the house breath a little.

7. Clean up the yard. With all the wind and rain coming down, it’s possible your yard is a bit of a mess.  Start from top down – getting the roof and gutters cleared of debris first, then gather up branches, pull up weeds, and generally get your yard in order.  This will give you a chance to get your tool shed or garage ready for Spring too – by taking out the tools you need for this project and returning any shovels or scrapers you’ve been using during the wintertime.

8. Update your furniture.  Flip the cushions of your couch, rotate your mattresses and add some bright pillows or throws.  It’s time to celebrate with the colors of the season!

Here’s to a great, bright Spring!

Tom Leach Roofing