Whether your selling your home or just want guests to love your house at first sight over the holidays, curb appeal is important. You can improve your home’s looks and often add a little value by making it look fantastic.  Here are ten ways to make your home look even better: new american home

1. Repair anything broken. Cracked siding, rusted flashing, or  a broken brick can all detract from your home’s overall look.  Fixing these problems has the added benefit of protecting your house during the upcoming winter.

2. Replace any area that is mismatched or has missing pieces. Mismatched shingles or a missing gutter can make your home look bad – and may also affect its health.

3. Keep everything clean. It’s important to keep your home’s exterior as clean as possible. This can help deter the growth of moss and can stop areas that should move water away from your home from flooding. Great areas to keep clean are your roof, gutters, window wells, and downspouts.

4. Add plants. Whether you include some pots of seasonal plants around your home or you plant them permanently in your yard, plants add a lot of beauty to the overall look of your home.

5. Replace burned-out bulbs. Outdoor lighting is important to your home’s overall look and to the safety of guests who visit at night. Be sure to replace any burned-out exterior light bulbs so your home is bright and welcoming to all visitors.

6. Cover up any bare earth. This is a good home maintenance action to do over fall.  Cover up bare areas with mulch. You will improve the soil and make your yard look beautiful.

7. Update your hardware. A broken or sticky lock and a squeaky door can put anyone off entering your home – unless you’re going for a spooky atmosphere.

8. Trim back trees, bushes, and vines. Not only is fall a good time of year to trim trees and keep the yard maintained, it’s also a great time to keep plants from overrunning your home. Cut the trees back – away from your roof and be sure to remove any vines that are encroaching on your siding. This protects your home from potential damage and helps your yard look well-maintained.

Curb appeal improvement actions improve the desirability of your home to potential home buyers while making it a more beautiful place for you to live.


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