I love listening to the rain – or watching it – while still remaining cozy and comfy.  There are some great ways to modify your home to allow you to do just that.  Here are some ideas:

– Get a skylight installed.  If you like the sounds of rain plunking down over your head, get a skylight.  You can watch rain falling right above your head, without it actually getting onto your head.

– Roof over your patio or deck.  Extend your roof over your patio or deck.  This way, you can cozy up below your roof, and watch your yard get drenched beyond.

– Get a sun-room installed.  You can get a sun-room installed.  This may seem counter-intuitive, but with a sun-room you can watch the rain through glass, or open the doors and let the chill in a bit.  You can get a traditional roof installed, or a glass roof installed for a skylight effect.

– Install large windows in your home.  Large windows will let more light in and let you watch the rain from inside your house.

Those are just some ideas!  How do you like to enjoy the rain?

Tom Leach Roofing