Your roof is an extremely important part of your home.  Because of this, it’s vital to maintain or replace your roof when needed.  Although you can often get a free estimate for repairs or replacement from a roofer, you can also examine your roof for yourself.  Here is a checklist for taking a look at your own roof: Construction worker climbing ladder

– Set up your ladder on dry, solid ground.  Ensure you have a buddy on the ground at all times.  Wear closed-toe, rubber soled shoes.

– You can do a visual examination from the top of your ladder.  Take a look at the shingles.  If they are warped, discolored, frayed, or if one or more shingles are missing, don’t go onto the roof.  Get a professional to take a look for you.

– Examine the flashing around any projections of your roof and in the valleys of the roof.  You can do this from the top of your ladder.  If the flashing looks rusted, is falling off, or shows gaps between it and the area it is supposed to protect, get a professional to take a look at it.

– Finally, take a look at the cleanliness of your roof and gutters.  If there is moss or other plants growing on your roof or in your gutters, get the area cleaned.

While you can get onto your roof if you feel it’s safe, there is always the possibility that a particular spot is soft or has unseen dry rot..  This circumstance could cause you to fall through the roof – making the damage worse and injuring yourself.  Only go onto the roof if you are completely comfortable with it.  Safety first!

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