It’s fall!  It’s the time of year when leaves fall, rain starts up again, and the temperature drops.  While it’s beautiful, it’s also a time to make some changes around your home.  Here is a fall checklist which any homeowner can use to make their home a more comfortable place – and prepare it for winter:

–  Test your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detector, make sure your batteries are up-to-date, and clean the dust from the covers

– Clean your kitchen exhaust hood and filter

– Clean your chimneys, check your flues, and make sure your rain cap is on securely

– Get your roof inspected and cleaned, and get your gutters cleaned

– Trim your trees and shrubs – be sure your tree limbs are trimmed away from your roof Trimming the trees

– Stow or cover your outdoor furniture

– Disconnect any outdoor hoses and make sure they are free of water

– Clean your ducts and get your furnace serviced – also, change your furnace filter as needed

– Seal gaps and cracks around the windows and doors with caulk and weather-stripping

– Repair cracks in  your walkways and driveway

– Replace any burnt-out outdoor light bulbs

– Get a humidifier and keep it going

– Paint over any peeling paint on the outside of your home

– Clean and stow your yard equipment

– Create a compost pile

– Mulch your plantsRake Chips

– Do a “spring cleaning” in fall

– Fix any leaky faucets and unclog any drains now – before it gets too cold

Overall, be sure to get your home ship-shape, and do anything now that you don’t want to do when it’s cold out.

Tom Leach Roofing