Here’s a list of “Honey Dos” for this fall:

– Remove any extension chords lying around outdoors.

– Get your gutters and roof cleaned, inspected, and repaired as necessary.  Make sure special attention is paid to projections out of your roof – like a skylight or other vent.

– Get your chimney cleaned, inspected, and repaired as necessary.

– Fix any outdoor lighting issues.  As the nights fall earlier in the day, your lights will be important.  Along with this, fix any dangerous cracks, loose cement, etc, in your walkways and the steps leading up to your home.

– Change your air and furnace filters.

– Repair leaky faucets before any freezing sets in.  Trying to fix a broken pipe when its frozen outdoors is no fun.

– Check your warranties on the parts of your home which have them and see if anything needs to be checked out or replaced.

– Clean your outdoor furniture and store it.

– Empty any unused fuel from garden tools like lawn mowers.

– Check all of your fire detectors and change out the batteries as needed.

All in all, make sure your home is ship-shape before real weather hits.

Tom Leach Roofing