Your roof is one of those parts of your home you don’t see often and you don’t pay attention to unless there’s something wrong with it.  That’s because, in a perfect world your roof is properly installed, nothing “interesting” Need a new roof?happens, and it remains leak free during your warranty period.  Unfortunately, this world is not perfect.  There are surprise hail storms, crazy snow falls mid-February, persistent vines, and brittle trees.  This is why we are listing five common things which, if left unchecked and untreated, will damage your roof.

#1. Debris 

Allowing debris to pile up on your roof and in your gutters will cause damage to your roof.  These piled debris give a place for bugs and critters to live, trap moisture, cause water to back up beneath your shingles and more.  Additionally, the debris themselves may be hiding damage that occurred when a branch hit the roof.

#2. MossMossy Roof

It’s strange to think, but moss has little tiny roots that can take hold of your shingles and begin to break them down.  This damage can be easily prevented by removing overhanging tree branches, removing the moss, regularly cleaning your roof, and applying a moss preventative to your shingles.

#3. Dry rot

Dry rot is a fungus that infects wood and causes it to decay.  This infection is often caused by wet or damp wood located in poorly ventilated areas.  While existing dry rot should be treated immediately, you can take steps to prevent future dry rot by keeping your attic ventilated and your roof clean and well-maintained.

#4. Insects and critters

Another big problem with leaving debris on your roof is that these attract insects like boring beetles and small animals like rats.  By allowing a pile up, you are giving these little pests a place to live and nest.  Prevention is the best medicine in this case.

#5. Crazy weather

We had some really interesting weather earlier this year.  Not only that, Oregon is known for sudden, unexplained weather.  Keeping your roof and gutters clean and well-maintained – and removing any over-hanging tree branches are great way to combat roof damage due to weather.

Damage to our homes can happen in spite of our best efforts.  That’s why we have home owner’s insurance.  However, prevention is often the best way to avoid such damage.

Tom Leach Roofing