Home Construction ContractIt is extremely important to get a contract before any type of construction begins on your home. This allows you and the company you have hired to get and stay on the same page. So, here are five parts of a contract that should be there before you sign off on a roofing contract:

1. Prices should always be stated. It is possible that there will be an issue that comes up once the project has started. Perhaps you decide upon a more expensive roofing material or the roofer uncovers dry rot that needs treatment. That is a completely separate issue to getting a contract that states a price required by the end of the project. Change orders can be written while the project progresses, but the original contract should have pricing based on the information known when the project begins.

2. Scope of work must be listed. A professionally operated roofing company should provide you with an idea of what will be done for the price noted. This may be fixing damaged shingles on a specific side of your roof or it could be replacing the entire roof with metal roofing material. No matter the project, be sure it is defined on the contract.

3. Warranties should be noted. There are often different types of warranties. For example, materials come with a warranty and the company installing the material may have a different warranty. Be sure this information is noted on the contract so you know who to contact if something goes wrong during the warranty period.

4. License, insurance, and Construction Contractor’s Board (CCB) information. No matter how large or small the company you are working with, they must inform you in writing that they are licensed, insured, and list their CCB information. Insurance is extremely important as they will be working on your property, so you want to be sure that they will take care of their employees throughout the project. Additionally, having licensing and CCB information will allow you to double check that the company is working legally. Contract Signature

5. Signatures from both parties. Not only should you sign the contract, but be sure the company or contractor you are working with signs it as well. You want a copy of both signatures on the contract before work begins.

Contracts are extremely important to get in writing and to have clearly defined. Be sure you understand all parts of the contract, from the scope of the work to the warranties, before you allow construction to go ahead.

Tom Leach Roofing