21552972_mSummer is the perfect time to get your home improvement projects completed! The warm temperatures makes it easier to air out your home as you complete projects indoors – and the dry weather creates the perfect time for outdoor projects. Here at five home improvement projects that you can either do yourself this summer or that you should get set up with a professional.

  1. Inspect Your Roof/Do Roof Maintenance

With the dry weather, summer is the perfect time for you to inspect your roof and gutters and prepare them for the upcoming fall and winter seasons.

To inspect your roof:

  • Make sure you have a ladder that is taller than your eaves roof.
  • Place the ladder on even, dry ground.
  • Climb up the ladder and take a look at your roof.
  • You can use a camera to take pictures of the roof, zoom into spots that are difficult to see and so on.
  • You mainly need to make sure that your roof is clear of debris, all shingles are intact and your flashing is in good shape. You may need to move the ladder to different positions around your home to check all angles.
  • If your roof appears to need maintenance or does not look right, be sure to get a professional out to discover and fix the problem. Preventative maintenance can stop your roof from leaking when it rains again.
  • Finally, look at your gutters. If there is buildup or debris within them, they are due for a cleaning.
  1. Paint or Replace the Siding on Your Home’s Exterior

A great outdoor project is painting or re-siding your home’s exterior. This time of year is perfect for such a project. Depending on the type of siding or the extent of your painting project, you may even be able to tackle the project on your own or with a friend to help!

  1. Create a Backyard Living Space

Whether you are enclosing a deck, getting masons in to create an outdoor fireplace, or building a full-blown outdoor kitchen, a backyard living space is a perfect summertime project. Not only is the weather just right for this type of work, you will also be able to use the space immediately upon completion!

  1. Get Your Landscaping Just Right

We love our landscaping here in Portland. We can grow so many beautiful and diverse plants, create edible yards or simply celebrate the local streams and ponds with our own water features. If you have a perfect yard in mind, tackle that project this summer! You can install a stone path or create a square foot garden. Just be sure it’s the yard you’ve always dreamed of.

  1. Refinish Your Driveway and Walkways

In winter, fall, and spring there is always the threat of a sudden downpour to stop your refinishing project, but summertime rain storms are (usually) more predictable. Check the weather and make sure to choose a series of dry days to tackle your refinishing project.

Here in Portland it seems that every street is under construction and every large-scale project downtown spurts ahead this time of year. We hope you take advantage of the summer to get your home improvement projects completed.

Tom Leach Roofing