Plants shouldn’t grow on your roof normally.  But, you can get a roof installed which is supposed to have plants growing on it.  This is a version of a green roof.

So, can you just toss some soil and seeds onto your roof and call it green?  The answer to that is no.

Here are a few factors you have to get checked out before you get a green roof installed.

– A structural engineering report.  You want to know what is supporting your roof and where the support is located.  This matters because adding wet soil and plants to your existing roof can actually make it cave in.

– Get your support reinforced.  It is a good idea to consult with your roofer and with a structural engineer to get the support reinforced completely for the predicted amount of weight.

– Get a liner and lattice installed.  Clearly you don’t want the water and soil coming through your roof and into your home.  Additionally, you don’t want soil and plants falling from your roof at the first rainfall.  A correctly installed liner and lattice can help solve these problems.

– Ensure you know what you want to plant.  It’s a good idea to understand what will do well with our rainy, Pacific NW.

If you aren’t sure if you want to dedicate the time and effort needed for a green roof with plants on it, there are other green roofing options available to you.

Tom Leach Roofing