Reliable protectionEnergy efficient roofing systems can actually help you in the long run by saving you money on your heating and cooling systems. This is because properly installed roofing can help your home’s envelope. The “envelope” of your house is how the roof, walls, and foundation enclose your home and work to stop air, keep heat in or out, shed water, and dry out. Each part of your home’s envelope works to do all of these things and generally protect the people living indoors from the weather, water, and other discomforts of the outdoors.

Here is how your roof works to save you money and keep your electric bills as low as possible:

Roofing insulation

The insulation and ventilation of your roof helps keep the temperature inside your home consistent. This can help you regulate your heating and cooling systems and keep your electricity bill low.

Green or cool roofs

Shingles with a high SPF rating, metal roofing, plants on the roof, and other techniques can help keep your roof cool even during hot temperatures. In fact, a cool roof can be 50 to 60 degrees cooler than the average dark-colored roof. This means that direct sunlight or hot summers won’t cause large temperature fluctuations in your home.

Flashing and weatherization

Properly installed flashing, closed chimney dampers, and more can help keep leaks non-existent. This is great in the winter, spring, and fall here in Portland, because we get plenty of rain. It’s also good news for summer, when any type of leak can let in the hot air and banish cold air.

There are many ways your roof can save you money. A properly installed roof will prevent water damage and help keep your home temperature consistent. If you have any concerns about your roof, be sure to contact Tom Leach Roofing for a free estimate today.

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