Quick cleaning houseThe holidays are almost here! This is the season that brings guests dropping in throughout the days and weeks of fall and winter. With that in mind, here is a quick “how to” on cleaning up your home once you get that “can we drop by for a few minutes?” text.

Clean up the entrance

First impressions always count, so do a quick clean up from the entryway forward. You may want to get out the broom or vacuum and get rid of the leaves or pine needles that get tracked in no matter what we do. Also, put away shoes or jackets that have been living in those areas.

Take out the trash

Taking out the trash will not only give your home a fresher smell, it will also make your home more visually pleasing. Try taking out any can that is overfull or that guests will likely see.

Close doors

If there’s no reason for your guests to visit your bedroom or office, just close the door to that room. This allows you to focus on the areas where you will actually have visitors.

Straighten up your bathroom

Unfortunately, bathrooms can become pretty utilitarian and messy over time. Rapidly put away anything on the bathroom counters, dust down flat surfaces with a rag, take out the trash, and make sure the toilet paper is well stocked. If you have extra time, add a pretty candle or some potpourri to the room for a fragrant and bright look.

Air out for five minutes

We know, it’s fall and it’s chilly outside. Unfortunately, that means you probably haven’t aired out your home in a while. Just leave a few windows open for five minutes to replace the stuffy indoor air with crisp fall air.

Give it a surface clean

Rapidly go over your kitchen counters with a wipe and run a duster over flat surfaces in the living room. Getting rid of dust will give everything a bright, shiny appearance.

We hope you can welcome the holiday season and your visitors with a bright and rapidly cleaned home!

Tom Leach Roofing