Hanging basketSpring has certainly sprung here in the Pacific Northwest!  There are glorious blossoms everywhere!  You may want to hang some beautiful blossoms from your eaves.  But, those baskets are pretty heavy and you may be worried about installing the hooks securely.

We’re here to give you a quick DIY help on hanging your plants from your eaves:

You will need:

– The plant you wish to hang – in the pot you want to hang it in

– Watering can or hose

– Scale for weighing the plant

– The hook and screws (purchase these after step one below)

– The chain from which you wish to hang the plant (again, purchase this after step one below)

– Step ladder

– Measuring tape

– Marker or pencil

– Power drill

– Drill bit one size smaller than screw hook

– Pliers


0. Set ladder up beneath the location in which you wish to install a plant hook.  Check this spot for any rot.  If it is rotted, you must fix this before continuing.

1. Water plant thoroughly and weigh it while the soil is wet. This will help you determine the maximum weight of the plant. Then purchase screw hooks and chains with a maximum tensile strength that will allow for at least the maximum weight of the plant.

2. Replace chains on basket to the proper gauge chain as necessary.

3. Place ladder beneath the spot you wish to hang the basket.  Be sure the feet of the ladder is level and the surface you set the ladder up on is dry.

4. Measure the eave with a tape measure to determine the spacing of the eave.  This will allow you to position the plant symmetrically.  Mark the spot you choose with a marker or pencil.

5. Drill a pilot hole into the structural section of the eave with a power drill and drill bit. The drill bit should be one size smaller than the screw hook.

6. Screw the hook into the eaves using the pliers.

7. Hang your plant!

Other resources:

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