This is the time of year that we typically start to worry about waterproofing our homes, here in the Pacific NorthWest.  Leaves and rain are coming down – and it’s important to be sure you have a healthy, leak-free roof before winter time.  That said, how do you monitor your roof’s health, and catch leaks before they become a huge problem?  Here are some tips: Reliable protection

  • Get your roof inspected by a professional roofer.  Most roofers will do a free inspection and get you a free estimate.
  • Check the underside of your roof (in your attic) for dampness after rain.  This will let you know early on that something is wrong.
  • On a dry day, do a visual check of your roof from a ladder.  You can often see any major or obvious damage by simply standing on a ladder and taking a look at your roof.  Look for faded or broken shingles, missing shingles, and rusted or bent flashing.
  • Get your roof and gutters cleaned.  The best way to make sure water doesn’t pool on your roof and cause a leak that way is to get your roof and gutters cleaned of any moss, tree branches, leaves, or anything growing on your roof.
  • Get repairs scheduled as early as possible.  This is often a busy time for roofers, so call as soon as possible to get repairs scheduled – before the freezing weather hits.
  • If you have dry rot, get it sorted out right away.  Dry rot spreads fast.  Get it fixed if you have it.

You can avoid roof leaks by simple being aware of your roof’s potential for leaks and getting small problems fixed before they become large problems.

Tom Leach Roofing