Your house came with a roof, but is it the best roof for your personality and your home?  Here are some simple pointers to choosing the roof that best matches your home: IMG_2973


A roof is often an expensive investment.  That’s why it is a smart move to look at quality before considering price or even looks.  Repainting your house to match the roof may be a cheaper move that replacing the roof shingles.

There are many high quality, long-lasting roofing materials.  These include:

  • Slate shingles
  • Wooden shakes
  • Metal shingles or ribbed roofing
  • Tile

You aren’t stuck with asphalt shingles anymore, so be sure to look at long-lasting materials too.


Keeping your home up is a lot of work.  If you’re new to home ownership, it is also something you may not be used to tackling.  Be sure to pick a roofing type that doesn’t require more maintenance than you are willing to give it.  This is one reason the living green roof is daunting – this roofing type requires intensive maintenance.

Curb Appeal

Obviously, you want your roof to match your home.  While you can get your home painted to make your ideal roof look cohesive, is this a project you want to tackle?  Make sure to think about your home’s overall look when picking roofing.


Portland is filled with historic homes that can be restored to their original looks.  A big part of this restoration is the roof.  Be sure to look at old pictures of your home and consider what type of roofing will best recreate that look.

All in all, a roof is a big purchase.  Be sure you decide on the right one for your home and your needs.


Tom Leach Roofing