Here are some ideas on ways to keep your roof up to par:

– Keep debris off your roof.

– Find if your roof was sealed, and if so when.  Roof sealants tend to last about 5 years.  If your roof has never been sealed, check out getting it sealed.

– Make sure to get your roof inspected after about 5 years.

– Don’t let inconsistencies in your roofing go uninspected. If your shingles look curved, pitted, faded or missing, don’t let the situation deteriorate into a leak.

– Keep your gutters clean and clear.

– If you notice water pooling on your roof, that’s a bad sign.  Get it checked out.

– Keep an eye on your roof warranty and make sure to follow it when you get any repairs.

– If you decide on a quick fix for damage, make sure to research and get a long-lasting fix installed before anything wears out.

Here’s hoping your winter is leak-free.

Tom Leach Roofing