With the new year comes resolutions. Perhaps this is the year you will restore your historic Portland home or maybe it’s time to get that metal roof you’ve been wanting. No matter what your resolution, we’re here to help you make it stick.

Make sure your resolution is realistic Historic house -goose hollow

Okay, so maybe you won’t end up restoring your entire historic home. Perhaps you’ll just get the kitchen done or maybe redo the roof. That’s okay. Work out your resolution specifically so you can plan out how it will get done this year.

Give yourself some time

Yes, you have the whole year to fulfill your resolution. Start the research on your exact desire now. Then get some estimates. Once you know what you want and how much it will cost, budget for your project. Finally, choose a company and get the work done. Taking it step-by-step will make your project feel realistic and give you a chance to actually complete it.

Don’t be phased by set-backs

Life happens. Maybe you had to use some of your renovation money for a root canal or perhaps work got crazy and by the time April rolls around you still haven’t even figured out what exactly you want to do yet. Don’t panic. Just rework your plan and find a new way to reach your goal. The resolution doesn’t have to change, you just may need to change how you plan on achieving it.

Write down why you set this goal

Sometimes other things come up and you aren’t really sure where your head was at when you first wrote your resolutions. That’s okay. Take some time right now to write down why your resolutions are important to you, That way, if you have a set-back or you’re wondering if your goal is really all that important, you can take a look at what makes that goal a big deal for you.

Don’t do the same old thing this year

Unless you are doing a project that is part of an overall master plan, chances are you had the same home care and home improvement ideas last year. They didn’t get done, so you need to do something different this year. That might mean really mapping out the project, talking to a designer, or getting money involved with a project. No matter what you do, make sure it is different from what you did last year.

Let’s make 2015 the year we achieve our resolutions!

Tom Leach Roofing