All around the world there are some pretty quirky houses. We at Tom Leach Roofing may or may not be able to help roof these homes, but they are all interesting:

– A yurt – which is actually a home-style found here in Portland, is a large – tent like structure. It can be made of thatch, animal skins or more modern material.

– An “earthbag home”. This is a house literally made out of bags of earth. They are often beehive-shaped when completed and can be found in locations as far away as Iran and as close to home as California.

– A treehouse. These aren’t just for kids anymore. You can actually get a whole home built to any style and specification you wish in a tree (or several trees). These homes are very much like any home found on the ground – just located off the ground and in a tree.

– Homes in a historic district – Here in Portland, this can be an Old Portland Style/American Foursquare style, or a Craftsman home. Often, Portland historic homes are a combination of styles and are unique to Portland.

– A houseboat. This is a great kind of home for a waterfront city like ours.

– A straw bale home – this is a home literally made of bales of straw – either as building material for for insulation.

– Found objects home – One man’s bottle cap is another man’s doorbell. Seriously, some homes are made majorly or partially out of found objects.

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