Autumn decorationThe skies are gray and the weather is getting chillier! It’s time to bring a festive fall feel into your house. Here are ten great ways to bring fall colors and fall light into your home:

#1. Pair splashes of fall color with white

This time of year things tend to feel pretty dark outdoors. Instead of giving in to the gloom, decorate your home with bright fall reds and oranges, paired with whites. You can put a pumpkin on a white pedestal or cake tray, sprinkle faux fall leaves over your white bookshelf or – if you have dark furniture or walls – decorate with ghost pumpkins.

#2 Don’t stick with tradition

We see pumpkins and gourds this time of year, but you can always change things up! Use cut tree branches with bright fall leaves still attached as decorations. Try displaying delicious fall fruits like apples, persimmons, pomegranates, and pears on your mantle. Use sticks of cinnamon to create a fall smell and a cute display.

#3 Add lamps and candles

Because the sun goes down earlier, fall is a great time to brighten your home with additional lamps and lovely candles. Use little votives or pillar candles to bring more light into those crisp evenings.

#4. Install a skylight or a sun tunnel

This is more of a remodeling tip than a decorating tip, by skylights and sun tunnels are great for adding natural light to your home without installing more windows.

#5. Enjoy fall flowers

There are still lovely flowers in bloom this time of year. Use these pretty blooms as centerpieces and decorations throughout your home.

#6. Don’t get heavy, man

It is chillier, so we tend to use heavy blankets, drapes, and cloths as decorations. Rethink this tendency and opt for layers instead of thick, dark fabrics. For example, you can have layered drapes, one a soft white muslin and the other a heavier fabric with a bright color. They won’t shout “fall,” but they will keep your rooms brighter when the sun is up.

#7. Contrast

Fall colors are typically pretty earthy. Use brightly colored vases, wreaths, and throws to contrast with these earthy colors. For example, pairing teal pillows with an orange comforter can create a pleasing brilliance that lights up your whole room.

Your home doesn’t have to feel dark – even when it’s getting gloomy outdoors! We hope you’ll use these fall tips to brighten up these crisp fall days!

Tom Leach Roofing