Whether you are trying to understand an expert, or just wondering what that thing on your roof is, the following terms can help you understand your roof better:

Shingles: These are the items used to cover the top of your roof.  Shingles are usually made out of asphalt.  The term is sometimes used for wood shingles (known as shakes) or tile shingles.   There are also metal shingles, used as a green option for roofs.

Ridge: This is the peak at the highest point of your sloped roof.  Often there is a vent running along its length to allow hot air out of the attic.

Flashing: A strip of metal used to stop water from penetrating a junction of a roof.Dormers

Dormer: A projecting structure that usually houses a window.  Dormers are normally installed in attics or the upper floors of a home.

Drip Edge: Metal flashing that is placed along the edges of the roof to divert rain away from the house and into the gutter.

Eaves: The lower edge of the roof which extends out beyond the exterior walls.

Rafters:  A beam which forms the internal framework of a roof.  Rafters typically run from the roof peak down to the eaves.

Fascia: A horizontal board fastened to the lower ends of roof rafters.  Rain gutters are usually attached to them.

Soffit: The underside  of the eaves that projects over the exterior wall.  The soffit often has vents which admit fresh air into the attic.

Let us know if there are words you’ve run across in roofing that you don’t understand.  We’re happy to help you out.

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