44007773_sEvery once in awhile a homeowner will look around and discover that he or she does not have the right tools needed for a home improvement or maintenance project. This can be really frustrating as it causes you to stop what you are doing and head over to a store like Home Depot. So, here is a list of the ten tools we feel every homeowner should keep handy.

  1. Power drill

When hanging a light fixture, installing shelving, or anchoring a bookcase, the first thing you will need is to drill a hole. You can do so by slamming a screwdriver into a wall repeatedly, but a power drill is a far more elegant solution. Additionally, you can adapt a power drill to make it a power screwdriver, which is handy for larger projects.

  1. Screwdrivers (with various tips)

If you’ve ever tried to assemble anything or needed to hang something like a shelf that requires more support than a nail can provide, a screwdriver is your friend. Always get a screwdrivers that include various removable tips and a place to store them. You never know when you need a Phillip’s head versus a flathead.

  1. Hammer

There are so many uses for a hammer around the house. Make sure to get a claw hammer, so that if you make a mistake it can be fixed easily and simply.

  1. Ladders of various sizes

Be sure to get a ladder that reaches your roof with room to spare as well as a shorter ladder that will stand on its own.

  1. Measuring tape

Measuring tapes are handy for any project. Get one specifically dedicated to home maintenance and keep it handy in your toolkit.

  1. Level

Whether you are good at eyeballing things or you can’t draw a straight line, a level always has the right answer.

  1. Pliers

There are many types of pliers and it can be helpful to have a couple of different sizes around, depending on your needs.

8.Wood Saw and Sawz-all

Saws can be handy during building and home-maintenance projects.

  1. 5-in-1 painter’s tool

A 5-in-1 can be used for more than painting. It can be used to scrape paint or caulk, clean cracks, open paint cans, clean paint rollers, spread putty or compound and set nails. A 5-in-1 is a pretty handy tool to have around.

  1. Paint brushes/rollers

If you have children, you know how helpful it can be to have a paint brush and a can of paint around to cover up any messes that cannot be cleaned off.

Did we miss any? Let us know what tools you use most!

Tom Leach Roofing