Roofing has a lot of specialized terms that can get confusing if you aren’t in the roofing business. Many homeowners have asked us the meaning of a variety of roofing terms we commonly use.  So, we thought we’d continue in our series of handy blog posts that list common roofing terms.

Counter Flashing: Flashing that is secured on or into a wall, curb, pipe, or other roof surface. Its purpose is to protect a base flashing system from weather and creates an additional seal against leaks.

Cupola: A roof structure that is generally pretty small. It is set on the ridge or peak of the main roof area.Cupola

Gambrel Roof: This is what many would think of as a “barn roof,” but this roofing style gets used in homes as well. This is a peaked roof with two slopes. The bottom slope is steeper than the top slope.Gambrel Roof

Hip Roof: A roof style that have four sides which slope down. Metal Hip Roof

Nail pop: Describes when a nail is not fully driven in and sits up off of the roof deck.

Crickets: A water diverter that is installed behind roof projections like chimneys. The purpose is to move water around projections so that it doesn’t pool.  It also works to keep dirt and snow from collecting behind your chimney.

Shakes: Indicates a wooden shingle made from a split log.

Pressure Washing a Roof

Sun Tunnel: A tubular skylight that may be purchased in a rigid or flexible form. The flexible form allows sunlight to be captured at the top, then reflects the light around a barrier to the room which is being lit.


Skylight: A roof projection installed to bring more natural light into a home.


Want to learn more roofing terms? Check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this series. We hope these articles help you when you discuss your roof with professionals.

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