Roof flashing is a vital part of the structure of your roof.  Flashing is placed around projections in your roof, like skylights, venting units, etc.  It is also placed in the valleys of your roof, where two elevations of your roof make contact.  But what is roof flashing?

Flashing is basically a strip of metal which is placed in a vulnerable area to prevent leaks.  It is installed into your roof in areas where shingles are not going to be able to fully protect it.  As I said previously, it’s generally placed around projections and the valley of your roof.

Your roofer can normally recommend the best quality of flashing, but usually what is used is stainless steel.  Flashing is an important part of your roof and helps prevent roof leakage.  If you suspect damage in your flashing, contact your local roofing company for a free estimate.


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