There are a lot of issues homeowners run into – whether they have had their home for a long time, or have just purchased it.  One such issues – and one of the most troublesome – is issues with the roof.  Here are the top ten roofing issues a homeowner may run into, along with the best solution for each issue:

1. AgingNeed a new roof?

Roofs, like any other part of your home, tend to get old eventually.  This means the materials used go out of warranty and deteriorates.  Aging can cause leaks, allow dry rot in, and overall make your home very uncomfortable.

The best why to fight the aging process is to get your roof inspected and maintained by a trusted roofer.  This way, they can let you know about a potential problem before it becomes a real problem.  Additionally, keep your warranty in mind and understand when this is about to be over.  It’s a good idea to ensure your roof gets a thorough check before the warranty on anything expires.

2. Missing shingles or roofing materials

A hole in your roof is an obvious issue.  However, something that is not often noticed by a homeowner is missing materials like flashing or a drip edge.  These materials protect sensitive spots in the roof – like around the chimney, your skylight, or in the valley of a roof.

Make sure to get the missing materials replaced as soon as possible.  Having a hole in your roof is never a good idea.

3. Plant growthDirty gutters

Unless you have a green roof that is designed to support plantlife, you should not have moss or weeds or anything else growing on your roof.  If you have such an issue, get your roof cleaned and keep it as clean as possible.

4. Clogged gutters

Gutters with excess material in them can stop the proper distribution of rain and can cause pooling of water on your roof.  Pools of water can get under your shingles and cause leaking.  An easy solution for this is to get your gutters cleaned out and keep them that way.

5. Incorrect installation

It’s important to get shingles, flashing, and other roofing installed correctly.  A roof is a network of material which works together to stop weather from penetrating your home.  When something is installed incorrectly, it can cause a chain reaction of deterioration.  If it looks like something was installed incorrectly, you can get another opinion from a reputable roofer.  While it might cost you a little more – it may make sense for you to get the roofer that found the problem to fix the issue, too.

6. Lack of maintenance

Much like anything in the world, your roof requires maintenance.  You can find out the proper maintenance schedule from your roofer and get it checked every year or two.  You should also get your roof cleaned and keep your gutters in good working order as an easy maintenance action.

7. Poorly done repairs

Much like incorrect installation, bad repairs can cause your roof to continue or begin to leak, cause deterioration in the roofing materials, and generally harm the inside of your home instead of protecting it.  To prevent bad repairs, make sure to check your roofer’s CCB number, do your research, and shop around a bit.  Also, see if they have recommendations on Facebook, Google, Angie’s List or Yelp.

8. Dry rot

A fungus called dry rot can seep in and decay the wood which is the foundation of your roof.  This is a situation which must be handled immediately, as dry rot can spread and ultimately, infect the entire house.  If you suspect you have a dry rot problem, get a professional to take a look and handle it.  Dry rot can cause severe structural issues, so do not wait to schedule an appointment for a roofer to look at an infected area.

9. Inferior materialsroofer

Unfortunately, buying cheap materials does not mean you are buying the best materials.  However, this same concept goes with expensive materials.  If you are doing your own repairs, get a recommendation from a trusted roofing supply company or roofer, do your own research, and decide which materials are best for you.  Even if a roofer is doing your work, find out the materials being used and be sure to discover warranty information as well as any other relevant facts about your roofing materials.

10. Too many “DIY” jobs

There is a “Do it Yourself” trend here in Portland and in some cases it is not the right way to go.  There are scenarios where DIY is fine like if you are doing a temporary fix, you are a contractor yourself or the work does not require expertise to do.  However, when it comes to installing a new roof, locating a leak, and many other repairs, a professional roofer is needed.  Evaluate for yourself what your capacity is, if your roof is becoming a patchwork of DIY, and what the ideal situation is – before you make another DIY repair.

All in all, it’s best to keep your roof maintained, get a professional to take a look at it, and keep an eye on it yourself to prevent or catch uncomfortable situations.

Tom Leach Roofing