A roof is often something we take for granted to some degree. It sits above us, protecting us from wind, rain, and sometimes snow – and the main time when we notice something is wrong is when it’s not doing its job.  Here are some warning signs of roof damage that you can train yourself to see – so you can get it fixed before the rain gets into your home.Reliable protection

Sign #1: Curled or buckled shingles

Shingles that are curled upward – away from the roof, or which buckle or bulge are showing signs of wear and damage.  It is possible that such shingles will not give your roof the proper coverage it needs to keep it water tight.

Sign #2: Damaged flashing

Flashing is the metal which is positioned at the base of roof protrusions like vents and chimneys.  It is also located in the valley of a roof and around dormers.  The purpose of this metal is to stop water from infiltrating the roof.  If the flashing is rusty, peeling back, or is missing, rain and debris may find their way into your home.

Sign #3: Shingles with missing granules

When shingles get old or are exposed to extreme weather, they can start to lose granules.  This action causes the roof to weaken and can result in leaks.

Sign #4: Missing shingles

If a shingle isn’t there, it can’t form the water-tight seal necessary to keep your roof functioning properly.

Sign #5: Debris piled on the roof

Debris like branches, moss, pine needles and more can create a habitat for insects like boring beetles to infiltrate your roof.  It also can scratch and rip off shingles.

There are many ways to prevent costly roof damage.  The first is to be vigilant and recognize the signs.  The next is to get small issues like the above fixed and to continue to maintain your roof in the future.

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