Everyone wants their roof to last forever.  It’s a pretty sturdy structure, made of the best materials possible, but even with a great installation and excellent installation, roofs can fail.  What factors most cause this failure?

Age: The most obvious factor which causes roof failure is how old the roof itself is.  Although we’d love our roof to stand up forever, nature doesn’t work that way.  However, the roof type that will most likely last the longest is a metal roof.  This brings us too…Metal Tiles

Material: What a roof is made of factors into the length of its life.  A roof might last longer than it’s material warranty, but getting it inspected frequently and keeping an eye on that warranty will help you get the best out of the roofing material used.

Design: The more elaborate the roof, the more likely it is to have issues.  Roofs often fail in areas like valleys or other junctions.

Roof Pitch: A flat roof is more likely to leak than a steeply pitched roof, as water will pool much less often on a steep roof than a flat one.

Cleanliness: A roof filled with debris gives water more places to pool and creates a habitat for intrusive bugs and beetles.

Ventilation: Moisture on the inside of your home can cause dry rot which will eat away at your roof from within.  Keeping excellent ventilation in your attic will help your roof stay healthy.Tiles on the roof

Installation: Some roofs can fail due to an honest mistake during installation.  If a piece of flashing is forgotten or shingles may be misaligned.  These factors can cause leaks, even when the best materials are used.

The long and the short of it is that you want the best materials and best installation possible, with regular maintenance check ups and cleanings.  These factors will help extend the life of your roof for years to come.

Tom Leach Roofing