We often hear people discussing “green” options for their homes or places of business.

So, what is “Green”?  “Green” as a term is widely used to describe something designed and constructed with minimal negative impact to the environment and with emphasis on conservation.

Taking on this definition, there are several types of green roof.

– There’s the classic green roof on which certain plants are installed.  This is the type of roof The Portland Building sports.

– There is metal roofing which is generally considered green.

– You can install recycled shingles or use recycled wood in building your roof. This is a green option.

While “green roofing” is generally considered varying degrees of plant-coverage on your roof, there are green options for your roof which you can always explore.

In your quest to be friendly to the environment, explore your roofing options.  There are quite a few green choices.


Tom Leach Roofing