As noted in Roofing Terms Part One, roofers have their own terms for things – and sometimes a homeowner doesn’t quite understand what their roofing contractor is talking about.  No one wants to wonder what in the heck a person who is dealing with an important part of their home is saying, so here are some more terms and definitions that might help you get a little more “in the know”: iStock_000016461249XSmall

Nail-Pop: This is when a nail isn’t driven in fully and it sits up.

CCB: Short for Construction Contractors Board.  This is an organization set up by your state which protects the public’s interest relating to improvements to their property.  They regulate construction contractors and provide education, contractor licensing, dispute resolution, and law enforcement.

Downspout: A trough that runs vertically which is connected to the gutter in order to guide water off your roof.

Plywood: These are sheets of thing flat wood which are laminated or glued together in sheets.  They are often used for the base layer or “decking” of the roof.

Ridge: This is the top edge of of two intersecting sloping roof surfaces.

Penetration: Anything that penetrates the roof.  This includes vents, pipes, chimneys, and anything else that goes through the roof. Roof Boots

Flange: A piece of metal or rubber which surrounds a projection – often a pipe – coming out of the roof.  It’s often considered part of the flashing as its main purpose is to prevent water penetration and direct water off the roof.

Step Flashing or Step Shingles: This is when flashing is bent to a 90 degree angle and used to prevent water from seeping in between the roof and a projection like a chimney, skylight, or dormer.

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