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When looking for a great roofer, you will likely take a look at reviews and you may also ask for references. But, once you have a list of references, what should you ask them? Here are five questions you should ask every reference your roofer provides:

  1. Would you use this roofer or roofing company again?
  2. Did the job come in on budget? If not, how was the budget increase presented to you?
  3. Have you had any issues with your roof since the project was completed? If so, how did they handle the situation? Did they come right out and fix it?
  4. Did the roofer or roofing company damage your landscape or leave debris?
  5. How did the roofer sort our questions or concerns?

Finding out what you can expect when dealing with the roofing company you are considering is just one more step in finding the right roofer for you. There are many other factors to consider when you are looking for a reliable roofing company. For example:

  • When you meet the roofer or estimator, note their appearance. Make sure they look put-together and professional.
  • Ask for the estimate in writing.
  • Ask the estimator or roofer to explain any questions you have. If he can explain this information easily and clearly, that is always a good sign.
  • Check the roofer’s CCB number.
  • Make sure your roofer is bonded and insured.

We hope this information helps you get the right roofer for your project.

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