Skylights are a great, energy efficient way to let additional light into your home.  They are often unobtrusive and can be cheaper to install than a new window. Skylight

However, because they open a space in your roof, there are essential things to know about skylights to stop them from leaking.

  • Close your skylight if you think it’s going to rain.  This seems obvious, but if you have a skylight that opens, it can be easy to forget that it’s positioned in such a way that rain is more likely to come through it than through an open window.
  • When the skylight is installed, ensure that flashing was installed around it. There should be flashing around any protrusions in your roof – including skylights, roof valleys, a chimney, and dormers.
  • Make sure your skylight is free from cracking. Your roof can take a lot of battering from nature, but skylights are generally made of glass, so are more delicate than your standard roofing materials.  If you’ve had heavy wind or a limb has hit your roof – be sure to inspect your skylight for damage.
  • You need to keep your roof and your skylight clean.  A build up of debris can cause your skylights to become less useful, and it can cause pooling around the light which will ultimately damage your roof can cause damage.

Over all, a well-installed, clean skylight will brighten up your home and bring you pleasure for many years before it needs repair.  Be sure to keep up with your warranties on the work and materials for any roofing project – including your skylight installation.

Tom Leach Roofing