0rainbarrellNot every home has a gutter system, even in here Portland, were we get a lot of rain. Gutters are an important part of overall home health. Gutters can:

  • Keep the soil surrounding the house stable.
  • Aid in avoiding foundation problems.
  • Prevent flooding in basement areas and window wells.
  • Stop landscape erosion.
  • Work to prevent dry rot development.

These are just a few of the many benefits that gutters give to your home. The basic function of a gutter system is to help guide water away from your home. The water can be shed back onto your lawn, funneled into an irrigation ditch, or contained in a rain barrel. The system that you set up will help protect your home from water damage, and with an El Niño storm system coming up this year, it’s important that you set up and maintain your gutters to prepare them for erratic weather.

If you already have a gutter system, here are some quick tips for maintaining them:

1. Inspect your gutters. Make sure they are firmly connected to your home, that downspouts are pointed in the right direction and that they are clean.

2. Clean your gutters as needed. We have an article on how to clean your gutters here.

3. Replace or repair rusted gutters.

4. Be sure the roof to which the gutters are connected is solid and does not exhibit any signs of dry rot.

No matter what El Niño will throw at us this year, it’s important to be ready for rain here in the Pacific Northwest.

Tom Leach Roofing