At Tom Leach Roofing, we don’t create doghouses or do roofing for doghouses. But, we have seen a trend of green roofing on doghouses, and we have to applaud those pup owners who want to keep their pets cool in an environmentally friendly way. Here are our favorite environmentally friendly dog houses and green doggy roofs. We hope you enjoy!

This green roof from Goods Home Design is designed to keep the occupants cool while also adding some beauty to the yard. One thing to think with when creating a green home for your dog is – what kind of insects will the rooftop attract? You don’t want bees buzzing around your pup.


Another thing to think about when you build a green doghouse is that you choose plants that are dog-safe and dog friendly. This house from Sky Gardens shows some pup-friendly plants.


Some dog-safe plants that you can use for your doghouse green roof include: blue echeveria, bamboo, pearl plant, hens and chickens, Christmas cactus, and lamb’s tail. There is a huge list of pet-safe plants on the APSCA’s website.

We found this outdoor sanctuary on Remove and Replace. It may be a little more than a doghouse, but it’s still a fun way to recycle wood and create two types of green roofs – a metal roof and a garden rooftop.

Green Roofing

Would you build a green home for your dog? Let us know!

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