In the past we’ve talked about why your roof might be leaking, but today we wanted to discuss the parts of your that are most likely to spring a leak. As a roofing company, these are the spots we are going to check first when you are experiencing a leak:

1. FlashingRed home roof

The metal used to protect your roof joints and the areas around anything projecting from your roof can suffer wind damage or old age, which can allow water to squeeze through. This is the most common location for roof leaks.

2. Vent pipes for plumbing, exhaust flues, ventilation ducts, and chimneys

Anything which needs to go through the roof can create a leak spot. There are materials used to prevent leaks in these locations – like flashing or the rubber “boots” put around vents. This material may need to be repaired or replaced once they have worn out or become damaged.

3. SkylightsSkylight

Improperly installed or old skylights can create leaks over time. If you see that water appears to be pooling around your skylight, get it checked out right away.

4. The shingles around gutters

If gutters are clogged or filled with debris, the water they are attempting to guide away from your house pools up – under your shingles. This causes leaks and can create other problems like dry rot. That’s why we always recommend that you get your gutters cleaned periodically for leak prevention.

5. High-traffic or older spots

If you go onto your roof a lot to clean gutters, check the chimney, or clean debris, the overall wear and tear can cause roof leaks. Additionally, it may be that you have had roof repairs, so some portions of your roof are newer than others. These high-traffic or older portions of your roof can become damage more easily, which may cause a leak.

Leaks can be prevented by maintaining your roof and gutters properly. If something on your roof doesn’t look right, like water appears to be pooling, flashing or shingles look old and cracked, or parts of your roof look worn, contact us for a free estimate.

Tom Leach Roofing