Every roof you see is made out of layers. These layers are built one on top of the other to prevent the elements from getting into your home.  If one layer of your roof is installed incorrectly, is damaged, or is just old, moisture can get into your home and damage more than just your roof.Concept of designing, calculating budget and building a house project

The first layer is your attic.  Most homes are constructed with an attic which consists of insulation, rafters, and a vent.  Above this space is the actual roof itself which is made up of:

– Insulation

– Ice and water barrier

– Underlayment

– Shingles and hip and ridge shingles

Additionally, metal called flashing is installed in roof valleys and around protrusions coming through your roof.  This adds protection against moisture entering these areas.

Gutters are also an essential part of roof construction.  They help funnel water off the roof so it doesn’t pool and seep in through all those layers.

These layers are the minimum on any roof – no matter what material the roof is finished with.  Shakes, shingles, and metal roofing all require underlayments as listed above.  Each type of roof should be inspected regularly for damage and any problems should be fixed right away – before moisture seeps in and creates more of an issue.



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