This time of year, it gets darker earlier and earlier and the concept of cheaper and greener lighting options is more and more appealing.

Here are some ideas which may have higher up-front costs, but which add green light sources to your home:

Install a skylight.  Skylights let in more light in a room which may not have the ability to have more windows, or which is just dreary.  They are also less drafty than your average window.

– Install more windows.  If you have the wall space, windows always help brighten a room.

– Use green light bulbs.  There are light bulbs created by Energy Star which are supposed to last longer and use less energy than your average light bulb.  There have also been some new developments in green lighting this year which may mean that other companies could be producing light bulbs just as good or better than the Energy Star bulbs.

– Break out the candles.  Candlelight is traditionally more romantic and softer than other lights.  Just make sure to put them in a safe place where they are unlikely to set anything on fire.

– Light a fire.  If you have a fireplace, fires can be a comforting a cozy source of light and heat.

Do you have any fun ideas or traditions for lighting your home this time of year?


Tom Leach Roofing